Liam S. Gogan

Some background material relating to Liam S. Gogan

On this page we have gathered together some of the articles and larger works which relate to the life and work of Liam Gogan and to this dictionary collection in general. Some of the links are to other pages on this site, others are downloads of Word documents.


Diarmaid Ó hAirt PhD

Brian's Recollections

Here Liam's son, Fr Brian Gogan, remembers his father throughout his life and his work. He also describes the process by which this project came about.

Poetry by Liam S. Gogan

Here we present what was possibly Liam's most popular poem Na Coisithe along with an English verse translation, The Walkers, specially written for this site by D. Ó hAirt.

LSG On Dinneen

In this article written by Liam Gogan, he describes his colleague Father Patrick Dinneen and we see a little of how the two men related.

Alf MacLochlainn's article on Dinneen

Liam Gogan worked along with Father Dinneen on his dictionary. This article provides a wonderful insight into the creation of that dictionary, and Dinneen himself. We are grateful to Dr Alf MacLochlainn and to Studies for permission to publish this article.

Gogan Source List

Compiled by Diarmaid Ó hAirt in process of identifying and authenticating the sources used by L.S. Gógan.

Na Coisithe

TV Documentary on the life of Liam S Gogan, commissioned by TG$ and produced by Bandit Films.

Gogan Sources Verified

D.Ó hAirt

Alphabetical list of Gogan references with printed sources identified and authenticated.

Identifying Obscure Words

Notes by D. Ó hAirt on list compiled by Máirín Óman.

Dinneen's Letter

Correspondence between Dinneen and the Council of the Irish Text Society showing Dinneen had sent a draft of the dictionary title page to the Council including Liam Gogan’s name.